Dental and Vision Insurance

65% of Medicare recipients don’t have dental insurance. So what happens when they break a tooth? Suddenly their fixed income is stretched to cover an unexpected cost. Or they suffer in pain. Or they have to get it pulled instead of getting more expensive dental work like a crown completed. All of that is alleviated by good dental insurance, which Silver Lining provides.

Often when Silver Lining is talking to potential Medicare beneficiaries, they are surprised that original Medicare doesn’t cover dental and vision. “What about my denture, implants, vision exams, or eyeglasses?” This is why Silver Lining offers supplemental dental and vision coverage.

Silver Lining finds solutions even after the need for coverage arises. For example, Silver Lining had a client with no dental coverage who called in a lot of pain needing to get a crown redone. Even though she was already suffering and most plans have a waiting period before major dental work is covered, her new plan would cover 20% of her new crown, even after only a $50 deductible. She was so happy to save all that money.

These options are good for those in retirement AND are available for those who are not who don’t have dental and vision coverage. That could include someone who is still working whose employer doesn’t offer it.

Silver Lining writes for multiple carriers, which enables them to get a solution that best fits the client. Carriers include: Ameritas, Mutual of Omaha, Manhattan Life, and National General.

Dental and Vision insurance solutions are surprisingly affordable. Typically, they will fit any budget.

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